Random Thoughts, Volume 31


Random Thoughts, Volume 31

1. So….When I get to the bottom of the basement steps, I can’t remember why I went down there but I can instantly recall lyrics from songs from forty, even FIFTY years ago.
2. I finally did it. After years of trying, I was finally able to open a package of bacon at the spot where it says “Peel apart here.”
3. What the Hell is “extra virgin” olive oil? Are there degrees of virginity ? I looked up the definition of virgin in the dictionary. It is “a person who has never had sexual intercourse.” That seems pretty straight-forward. So….I guess “virgin” olive oil has never had sex, but I still don’t understand “extra-virgin.”
4. The Holiday of Thanksgiving is coming up this week. It is my favorite holiday. There will be good food, friends and family gathered together, and football on TV all day. What could be better?  I’m already giving thanks.
5. Carlos Santana was paid $750 for appearing at Woodstock in 1969. You could look it up. You don’t have to, though, because I just told you.
6. My fellow poker players will appreciate this. I limped into a hand with my pocket 7s and the flop came 7 – 3 – 3. This is a great flop for me because it gives me a full house. It is an even better flop for my playing competitor who limped in with pocket 3s. The surprise in this hand is that it didn’t cost me all of the money that I had on the table. That’s only because my competitor didn’t bet all of his money. My poker education continues. Hey, it’s cheaper than college.
7. I witnessed a road rage incident. The gray car in front of me pulled out of the right turn lane and tried to pass the black car in front on the left side only to realize that the driver did, indeed, need to turn right. Gray car pulled in front of black car which made the driver of black car none too happy. Black car’s driver immediately extended left arm and hand out of the driver’s side window and gave the “one-finger” salute. After we all turned right onto a highway that had two lanes in the same direction, black car immediately went around gray car that was in the right lane and pulled in front of gray car and hit brakes and slowed way down. Gray car moved to left lane and black car gave the same salute as gray car passed. When the two cars were almost adjacent at the next red light, the driver of the black car, a guy in his forties, spilled the rest of his Coca-Cola all over the gray car with a swaying, waving motion of his left hand. When I caught up and passed the driver of the gray car, it was a younger woman in her twenties. Man, some of us really need to get a hold of ourselves. We really need to scale back on our temper. It’s not worth all the aggravation.
8. If the lady in the car in the previous paragraph had drawn quad 3s into the other guy’s full house, then she might have deserved the treatment that she got. However, she didn’t so she didn’t.
9. In a huge surprise, Donald Trump has become the president-elect of the United States which has made a lot of people very unhappy. I hope my fellow Americans will soon calm down and realize that we have a lot of “checks and balances” built into our government. It will be OK. Please give it a chance.
That’s all I have for now. Please feel free to return to your normally scheduled lives. As always, thanks for reading.


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