Random Thoughts, Volume 30


Random Thoughts, Volume 30

1. A real friend is someone with whom you can discuss the events of the day, share events in each other’s lives, laugh with, converse with, go places with, and generally enjoy their company. A friendship is a two-way relationship. It can’t always be one friend that initiates the phone calls, emails, or text messages that result in your meetings. If you have enough friends in your life that you can afford to lose some, then don’t ever initiate contact. You’ll lose them. If you’d like to keep your friends or even find new ones, do something to initiate the contact.

2. I saw a car with the license plate “55” in front of me on the highway a few days ago. The plate was on a Cadillac that was about 5 years old. In my small state of Delaware, that makes the license plate worth WAY more than the Cadillac. I don’t know why, but Delawareans will pay upwards of $100,000 to own a two-digit license plate. In a way, I feel sorry for them. In such a small state, they can’t even flip someone the bird in traffic for fear of reprisal. I mean, the odds are good that the flippee will spot you again on the road someday. Who knows what can happen from there ? Also, they can’t commit any crimes. Officer: “Did you get the license plate of the getaway car?” Witness: “Sure. It was 55.”

3. I had this thought the other day when I heard a John Denver song on the radio. Considering the present day pot laws in Colorado, how much of a visionary was John Denver when he wrote “Rocky Mountain High” in 1972? “Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high, Colorado.”

4. I saw this on Facebook but I thought it was worth stealing. This is one of the ways that the word “character” can be defined: the way in which you treat the people who can do nothing for you.

5. I wish I had a lifestyle that allowed me to own a dog. I really like dogs. To a dog, the highlight of their day is when you come home. They run up to you, shaking their tail and wanting to lick your face. Not even your wife or girlfriend will do that. Well, not very often. Dogs provide unconditional love. Let’s see…..who else encouraged us to spread unconditional love? Oh, wait….I remember. Have you ever noticed that the word “dog” is “God” spelled backwards?

6. According to an excerpt from an article that I read which was published in the journal “Neurology,” “People that are cynical are three times more likely to develop dementia than more trusting types.” I wish that they had published an age chart that would indicate when I am going to be diagnosed.

7. The pure, culinary joy of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on REALLY fresh bread simply can not be overstated.

8. I went for a burger at a place not far from my house. As I was eating, a guy came in with his lady friend. I’d say the guy was about 35. He was a very large guy and obviously worked out a lot. He knew some of the people that were in the restaurant and he knew some of the waitresses and they greeted him as a friend so he was obviously a local and a regular customer. Then I saw a serious looking gun in a holster on his hip. Maybe he was an off-duty policeman and maybe he wasn’t. The state in which I live, Delaware, is an “open carry” state. That means that, if you have a permit showing that you own the gun, you have a right to carry it on your person as long as it isn’t concealed and the place to which you are going does not prohibit it. You know what surprised me ? I actually felt safer with that guy sitting there with that gun. It made me think that, if some nut comes in the door with a rifle, this guy with the pistol is going to give us all some semblance of a chance at not being slain. I guess you would call this, for me, a “moment of revelation.”

9. There are now so many terror attacks daily that I can’t keep track of them. I had to ask a friend what happened in Munich. This saddens me deeply…….not the fact that I didn’t know about Munich….the fact that I can’t keep up with them all. Other terror attacks have occurred in the few days since I wrote this.

That’s all I have for now. As always, thanks for reading.


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