Why Denver Will Win The Superbowl



Not many people know that I am a friend of the Manning family. When Archie has an event at his place in New Orleans, he invites Peyton and his family, Eli and his family, and all of the relatives, neghbors and friends. Archie and I go way back so I usually get invited, too.

Peyton played most of his career in Indianapolis and and then some years with Denver. Eli has played his entire career with the New York Giants. Peyton is a big guy and he has a playful wit and has always teased his little brother Eli….ever since they were kids. Eli has always been a tough guy and not one to back down so Eli and Peyton have had many arguments over the years, some which actually ended up in fistfights. Even after they became NFL quarterbacks, the occassional fistfight would break out between the two so Archie had to lay down the law. “No punches to the face.” This is a good rule since any black eyes or bruises would have to be explained to the media and they are each too valuable to their teams and the NFL for this kind of behavior. However, with their competitive natures, it’s almost impossible to stop the fistfights.

I should mention here that Peyton has won one Superbowl and Eli has won two.

The first time I witnessed one of the fistfights, Archie was hosting a barbecue at his place. It was the Spring of 2012 and it was a few months after the New York Giants, with Eli at quarterback, had won their second Superbowl. Now, a word about Eli. He has always been a pain-in-the-ass little brother to Peyton, and Eli, playing in New York has developed a real thick skin and a REAL smart mouth. So, we’re at the barbecue, and most of the poeple are in the backyard but Peyton, Eli, me, and a few others, we’re in the family room watching some golf on TV. Although the party is out back people keep ringing the doorbell and entering through the front of the house. After about the third person rang the bell, Eli asks, “Hey, Peyton, was that one ring or two?” He was being a smart aleck, ya know ? This got a chuckle from the gang in the room so Eli kept saying it every time someone came to the door and rang the bell…..”Hey, P, was that one ring or two?” It was ridiculously funny because it was so juvenile but you could tell that Peyton was getting pissed. Eli wouldn’t stop. He’d had a few beers and was feeling pretty good and he just wouldn’t let it go. I could see it coming. After about the tenth time, Peyton launched himself at Eli and, BAM, fistfight. They each got in some really good punches, enough to be sore for a couple of days, but as Archie had demanded, no punches to the face. This was all kept in-house, as it is nobody’s business.

The next one was a few months later. Exact same situation…..Archie hosting a gathering at his place. Almost all of the same people were in the family room only this time it was a Saturday afternoon and we were about to watch a boxing match on TV. They rang the bell on the TV to start round one. “Hey Peyton, was that one ring or two?” Oh my God…….it was hysterical….to everyone but Peyton. Eli, being Eli, and again after a few beers, wouldn’t let it go. After every bell to begin and end EVERY round, “Hey Peyton, was that one ring or two?” Peyton was so pissed by the end of the fourth round that he had that red mark on his forehead like he gets when he takes his helmet off during a Bronco’s game. Did you ever see it ? In any event, the bell started the fifth round and all Eli got out was “Hey, Peyton…” before Peyton landed on him. That one was a huge fistfight that lasted about 10 minutes and a lot of furniture got broken. Unfortunately, yes, Peyton’s neck also got broken. The cover story was that he hurt it in practice or a game….actually I can’t remember the cover story because I always knew the truth. The neck injury ended Peyton’s season and he had to take an additional year off. It was also the end of the fistfights…both because of Peyton’s vulnerable neck and Archie’s commandment “No more fistfights.”

You could tell Eli felt sorry about it because he always says “Hey, fuck him. He should learn to control his temper.”

Anyway, that’s the reason that Denver will win the upcoming Superbowl. Peyton wants, with all of his heart and soul, to say, “Hey, Eli, I’ve got two rings now so SHUT…THE…FUCK…UP !”



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