Random Thoughts, Volume 27


Random Thoughts, Volume 27

1. I have a coin bank that looks like a giant can of “Slim Jims”….you know….the food snack. I throw my change in it until it is filled. It was full a few days ago. I picked it up and I was struck by how heavy it was so I weighed it. It came to 15 pounds of coins. I found out that my credit union has a machine that will count your change and give you a slip that you can take to the teller and there is no charge. It was $113.35. This brings the total amount of change that I’ve taken there in the 2 months since I got the news to $337.15. I think I have some kind of sickness.
2. A friend of mine observed that, with so many illegal immigrants from Mexico in the United States, there should be plenty of room in Mexico for Syrian refugees. Hey, I admit that was kind of a racist thing to say but don’t get mad at me. I didn’t say it. My friend said it. Upon request, I’ll give you his email address and you can send hate mail to him.
3. The holiday that is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day just passed awhile back. He was a great man and a visionary. I’m willing to bet his dream did not envision the disappearance of the family unit in the United States.
4. How can black actors and directors boycott the Academy Awards because no one that is Black, Asian, or Latino was nominated for any of the major awards ? Isn’t it even just remotely possible that not one of those minorities gave a performance or directed a film that was WORTHY of a nomination ? While we’re on the subject, am I the only one that thinks that it’s a bit hypocritical to boycott the Oscars while supporting BET (Black Entertainment Television) and the BET Awards where the only way you can win is to be black ? Uh-oh. I mentioned race. That automatically makes me a racist, right ?
5. The U.S. government has been telling my for some years now that the inflation rate is 2 to 3 %. I was at my local pub a few days ago. I like their French onion soup even though I haven’t ordered it in a couple of years. The last time I ordered it, 2 years ago, it was $5 for a crock. The price in now $7. Math was never my strong suit but I think that would be around a 40%increase. Also, I bought a copy of my local newspaper about a month ago. It was $1 as it has been for years. The new price is $1.50. That’s a 50% increase. 2 to 3 %….my ass !!!!
6. Thank God that the holiday season is over and we can get on to the more serious holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.
7. I live in Delaware and we got clobbered by the recent snowstorm. I put a picture of my perfectly cleaned and clear shoveled driveway and sidewalk with the following caption, which people seemed to like; “What a great job, huh ? Even at my advancing age, I’m proud that I still have the strength, agility, stamina, fortitude, wit, common sense and ability to find a pen and my checkbook and write a check to the guy that did this wonderful piece of work.”
8. OK. I’m writing thought #8 a few days after thought #4 and it’s still on the TV. Apparently, many black actors are still planning on boycotting the Academy Awards. As the newsman was talking about the story, the picture showed Spike Lee at a podium. Right behind Spike was Al Sharpton. Al is supposed to be against any form of discrimination but, let’s say someone murders a bunch of Japanese-Americans and it’s counted as a hate crime. I guarantee you…..no Al. However, ANY event that seems to be a slight against blacks, real or imagined, and Reverend Al will get there faster than an ambulance. If there is a more racist man on the planet than Reverend Al Sharpton, I’m quite sure that I don’t know who it is. Oh, wait, I mentioned race again so, by definition, it must be me, right ?
9. Srenea Willims is probably the most recognized female athlete in the World. She’s ranked #1 in the World and there is a good reason. She is like a powerful leopard on the court. I watched her in the semi-finals of the Austrlain Open last night. It took Serena all of 20 minutes to win the first set 6 – 0 against the number 4 seed in the tournament. It took a little longer, 48 minutes to win the more competitive 2nd set 6 – 4. Serena is the Tiger Woods of women’s tennis before Tiger’s wheels came off. Tennis, like golf has 4 major tournaments every year and the Australian Open is one of them. Serena is going to play on Saturday in the finals match. When she wins, and she will, it will be her SIXTH Australian Open title and her 22nd major title tying her for the most ever in what they call the “Open Era”, whatever that means. Margaret Court is considered to be the best women’s player of all time with 24 major titles. Barring any injury or a sudden lack of desire to play the game any more, Serena will overtake Margaret for sure. It is a joy to watch an athlete at her absolute best completely dominate the other players in the World. Taking nothing away from Ms. Court, I’m pretty sure that Serrena’s competitors of today’s era are much better than the competitors of Margaret Court’s era. Check your local listings for the televised times of the final match on Saturday
That’s all I have for now. As always, thanks for reading. Please feel free to return to your normally scheduled lives.


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