Random Thoughts, Volume 23


Random Thoughts, Volume 23

1. While playing, my buddy said, “Bingo would be a lot easier if they called the RIGHT numbers.” I chuckled at the time and it wasn’t until later that the sheer elegance and simplicity of the statement hit me. Imagine how much more fun the Mega-Millions and Powerball lotteries would be if they would just call the RIGHT numbers.

2. A few days ago, the Indianapolis Colts lost a football game to the Carolina Panthers. The entire first half was played in a monsoon-like downpour. The Colts fumbled the ball a few times and their quarterback missed wide open receivers and threw a couple balls to the other team. Some receivers dropped passes that were right in their hands. In fact, the quarterback, Andrew Luck, had a total of 40 yards passing at halftime….the worst of his career. The next day, the Colts fired their offensive coordinator. I guess it was HIS fault that the monsoon changed everything. LOL !!!

3. I think, in my entire life, that I have never used up more than half of a head of lettuce. I use it for a salad or two or on a few sandwiches and then, some weeks later, I throw away a brown ball of goop.

4. October was National Pizza month. I sampled ten different places in my home state of Delaware. I’m hoping to find the time and energy to write up the findings of my investigation. After all, I do these things for my readers. I can tell you this very preliminary result. I gained 7 pounds in October. It was a pleasure to do this for you.

5. Here’s an item from the “you learn something new everyday department.” I was behind a car that had the license plate “Rule 62.” Because I have to know everything, I Googled it. (Side thought….Google is a verb as well as a noun) According to Google, Rule 62 is “a colloquialism of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rule 62 is “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”” Whether you are an alcoholic or not, I think this is good advice.

6. While watching the college football game between Oregon University and the University of California football game that started at 10:30 PM Eastern time last Saturday, a commercial came on for Verizon. Actually it seemed to be about some kind of partnership between Apple and Verizon. I could not tell you for sure because the entire commercial was in SPANISH ! I usually fast-forward or just daydream when a commercial comes on the TV so it wasn’t until this particular one was about half over that I noticed something was strange about it. I thought for a minute that I had hit the button on the remote that makes the TV speak Spanish but that was not the case. Before I could even look at the remote, the commercial was over and the TV was speaking English again. The Spanish folks in the United States are a minority group but they are the fastest growing minority. I’m pretty sure this was a nationally televised commercial. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. I am saying it was very interesting to me.

7. Speaking of commercials, I heard the end of one just a while ago. I was walking past the TV and I heard, “If you have a gambling problem, call (some number).” I kind of chuckled to myself because I thought, “I don’t have a gambling problem. There’s plenty of things to gamble on. There’s football, the daily numbers and lotteries, and there’s a casino 5 miles from my house.” This kind of thinking, while funny, might actually mean that I DO have a gambling problem.

8. That last thought is a great segue into this one. Just a little while later, I picked up a piece of the newspaper and the headline was “Gambling Addiction Up In Maryland.” I thought, “Now, there’s a shocker.” I know that Maryland just recently allowed casino gaming. I read part of the article because I wanted to know how long it took because it felt, to me, like Maryland only passed the law about 2 years ago. About a third of the way through the article, I found what I needed. Time, as usual, has gone by so fast for me that it has actually been 5 years since the first casino opened in Maryland. Four more have opened since and a giant fifth one is scheduled to open next year near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

9. I don’t make this stuff up. As I was putting the newspaper down to re-focus on the TV, it was the end of a commercial advising you to purchase instant lottery tickets in Pennsylvania. The last line of the commercial was “Keep on scratchin’.” You have to figure that if the State Lottery Commission, backed by the state government, wants you to do something, there’s a real good chance that it is good for the government and bad for you. I’m just sayin’. . . . .

OK. That’s all I’ve got for now. As always, thanks for reading. You are now free to resume your normally scheduled lives. Be safe.


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