Random Thoughts, Volume 22


Random Thoughts, Volume 22

1. I read this in our local Sunday Paper. It seems that excessive drinking, besides causing the all-too-familiar physical effects like hangovers, headaches, nausea, etc, also costs the U. S. approximately $249 billion per year. These costs include things like impaired ability at work, diseases like liver disease and heart and circulation problems and alcohol related deaths. I’m not sure that I agree with that estimate. I’d need to study on it over a few beers.

2. As I was trying to get two paper plates apart, I was a little miffed because I think the companies that make paper plates make them stick together so you will use two, or more, when you only need one. I had a thought. I’ll bet I’ve spent, in accumulated time, approximately 6 hours of my life trying to get paper plates apart. Then I thought, though, suppose the companies don’t do it on purpose….suppose the plates just spent so much time together that they became close friends and they don’t want to part. So, now I kinda feel bad about separating them.

3. I think that guy riding that horse in the desert had plenty of time to give the horse a name.

4. I totally stole that last line from somewhere but I had the thought as I heard the song while it played on the car radio the other day so it counts as a random thought.

5. Game 1 of the world Series was fascinating. Among the things I learned was that the World Series has been played 111 times now. This year’s game 1 was the longest game 1 ever in terms of time at 5 hours and 9 minutes. It wasn’t the longest World Series game ever. That honor goes to game 3 of the 2005 World Series. That game took 5 hours and 41 minutes to play. Game 1 of this year tied 2 other World Series games in the longest number of innings. It was tied with the aforementioned game 3 of 2005 and a game (I didn’t catch which one) in the World Series of 1916. To show how the game has changed, Game 3 of 2005, 14 innings, took 5 hours and 9 minutes. Game 1 of 2015, also 14 innings, took 5 hours and 9 minutes. The 14 inning game in the 1916 World Series took only TWO hours and THIRTY-TWO minutes.

6. Also, during Game 1 of this series I learned that, in that 14 inning game in 1916, the winning pitcher was George Herman “Babe” Ruth. In that game, the number of pitchers used was TWO (one by each team). In contrast, the 14 inning game in 2005 had 17 pitchers used.

7. One more thing about Game 1. The Mets used a pitcher named Bartolo Colon. This guy has the same body as Babe Ruth. He’s got what many would call a “beer belly.” He’s so fat that he has 2 chins. I’m only mentioning that because, in baseball, that is just never seen. Even with that body, he’s very athletic. Bartolo is also 42 years old and it seems like he could pitch all day if he had to. In the 12th inning, the Royals had the bases loaded with two outs. The Mets pitcher, Bartolo Colon, took the count to 2 balls and no strikes on the batter. The announcer said “This is ho-hum stuff for Colon. He hasn’t walked in a run in 4 years.” True to form, Colon got the batter to hit a pop up and the inning was over.

8. OK. Really, this is the last thing about Game 1. The announcer stated what was, to me, an incredible fact. No World Series game has ever ended in a bases loaded walk. He didn’t say “the entire World Series never ended.” He said “No world Series game.” If they have been playing for 111 years and, let’s say, the average length of a series is 5 games, that’s 555 games with none of them ending in a bases loaded walk. That’s hard to believe.

OK. That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to resume your normally scheduled lives. As always, thanks for reading.



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