Random Thoughts, Volume 17


Here are some disjointed random thoughts…..

1.  In Bienne, Switzerland, dozens of performers are will take over the town’s pedestrian zones as far as
the naked eye can see only they won’t be wearing any clothes. The Swiss government oficially  authorized
and subsidized an event called the “Body and Freedom Festival.” The performers will bare all in order “to
break the taboo of the naked body in public spaces” according to an article in USA Today. Uninhibited
members of the public will be able to participate by standing naked on the sidewalk and watching clothed
passersby. Here’s a direct quote from the article: “The, um, penal code does not ban public nudity as
long as it is not indecent or disorderly.” Man, imagine the backlash if the U.S. government gave taxpayer
dollars for something like this.
2.  Here’s another headline from the USA Today: CLASS TIMES TOO EARLY FOR TEENS…..

According to the article,
the teen’s brains are programmed to stay up later than that of their adult parents and they are not getting
the required 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night that they need. It seems 8 AM is too early for them to start
school. While those of you that know me will realize that I can certainly UNDERSTAND the teen’s point of  view, I disagree with changing the starting time based on the following argument….”Hey, fuck that. I
had to do it so put your fucking video games away and go to sleep.” Sorry…I kinda got carried away there.
3.  In more serious news, people are, literally, starving to death in every country in the world. It
is especially inexcusable in the United States, the richest country in the world. Yet, it goes
on every day. Granted, there are people and organizations trying to help alleviate this problem.
Given this global starvation issue, why was the fact that some asshole dentist shot a lion in
Africa national news for a week ? C’mon, man. Perhaps we should adjust our priorities.
4.  I went to see Graham Nash in concert the other night. He has written some great songs and it’s good to see
that he is still writing and performing at age 70-plus. I really did enjoy the concert. He must be old, though.
After all, he performed at Woodstock. For his concert, he wore blue jeans, a denim shirt and no
shoes and socks. Really, Graham ?  Dude, you’re too old to be a hippie. Put some shoes on.
5.  I like to play golf.  It really is a silly game when you think about it. I’m not the first one
to make this point. It’s ridiculous. You hit the ball a couple of hundred yards. Then you walk
or ride and try to find it. If you are lucky enough to find it, you just hit it again and walk
or ride until you find it again and then repeat this until you hit it into a little hole. You
do this 18 times. It takes, like, 4.5 hours. “Why do this,” you might ask. I can tell you why.
When you are doing this you are completely focused on it. There is no mortgage payment to be
concerned about. You do not worry about the health of yourself or your family members. You do
not think about Iran and their nuclear situation. You don’t care what’s for dinner or what is
going on in the office or on the job (if you were smart enough to leave your phone in the car).
If you are not a golfer, you should give it a try. No one cares if you get good at it. The greens
fees are what you pay to escape from reality for awhile.

6.  Jennifer Aniston got married thereby shattering my hopes and dreams and robbing me of any more
energy to write tonight so that’s all I’ve got for now.

As always….thanks for reading.


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