The Squirrel

Watch live sports long enough and you’ll see everything.

At the major league baseball parks, there is heavy netting behind home plate to
keep the spectators from getting hit in the face with baseballs that are fouled straight back.
Last night, as I was watching the game, the camera angle was from behind the pitcher and you could
see most of the people behind home plate looking up at the netting.  Soon the camera caught up with
why. There was a squirrel on the fan side of the netting crawling up the net. This was way more
interesting than the game since my Phillies were getting walloped as usual.\


The camera stayed on the
squirrel as he reached the top of the net and he paused there for awhile.


The squirrel then proceeded to crawl along the top of the netting until he reached the end.  The netting is held up by cables that continue further to a wall that secures them. The squirrel decided to go for it as the announcer said “I don’t think this is going to end well.” Seconds later, the squirrel fell from the cable. Proving that he was not a flying squirrel, he landed, like a cat, on all fours on the top of the Phillies dugout and ran like crazy across the dugout roof.


He then dove into the Phillies dugout causing the players to scatter like frightened children.


After dashing around the dugout and scaring the grown men out of their wits, the squirrel took off up the ramp that leads to a hall inside the stadium where the locker room is located.  All the while that this was happening, the game was being played. The Phillies pitcher, understandably, was a bit distracted and walked the batter.

There was no further injury report on the squirrel but he sure looked fine as he ran across the dugout roof and around the inside of the dugout. Unfortunately, there was further injury report on the Phillies. In a way less exciting event than the one I just described, they lost 12 – 4. Oh well, there’s another game tonight. We’ll see what happens.



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