Random Thoughts Volume 16


Random thoughts…..Volume 16

1. I hope that you enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday and I hope that, as you
enjoyed your family and friends or spent the day in solitude, that you
remembered the true meaning of the holiday. I’d like to extend my personal
thanks to everyone that has ever served in the Armed Forces and I’m especially
thankful for,and saddened by, the folks that were injured or gave their all.
We are all able to do what we do because they did what they did.

2. ISIS is causing havoc everywhere in the mid-east.  Many nations are
involved, either defending against ISIS or supplying weapons to them.
Vladimir Putin, the head of Russia, is routinely sending fighter jets
close to NATO allied countries.  Iran either is or isn’t developing nuclear
weapons. Either way, their leader publicly states that the goal iof Iran is
to eradicate Israel. What was the World’s top story as the Memorial Day weekend
began? Will Ireland, through a vote of the general population, approve the
legality of gay marriage ?  Really ?  I don’t have anything against gays.
I have not thought much about whether they should be allowed to marry of not.
That’s because I don’t care much about the issue. What percentage of the world’s
population is gay, 4%…5% ? What percent of those folks live in Ireland ?
The top World story?……….C’mon , Man !

3.  Has anyone ever watched a clip on Youtube and, when it says “You can skip
this ad in 5 seconds”, never skipped the ad ?

4.  They say that drinking too much alcohol hurts your decision making process.
Sometimes I think it’s true, sometimes not. I really can’t decide.

5. They also say that drinking too much alcohol hurts your memory. I may have
published thoughts 3 and 4 before but I can’t remember.

6. If anone could get the TV networks to stop showing the Direct TV “Hannah and
her Horse” ads, I’d be eternally grateful.

7. I went to see the comedian, Bob Newhart, at the American Music Theater in
Lancaster, PA, which is about 35 miles from my house. At 85 years old, Mr. Newhart
is still hysterically funny. He has that little stammer and that deadpan expression
that is just TOO funny ! It was an honor for me to be in the same building with him.
He was the first comedian that I was ever aware of when I turned about 9 years old.
Mr. Newhart informed us that, in the Smithsonian Museum of Sound, along with
JFK’s “Ask not ” speech and MLK’s “I have a dream” speech and Reagan’s “Tear
down that wall!”,  there is also Bob Newhart’s debut record album from 1960
entitled “The Button Down World of Bob Newhart.” What a treat his show was for me !

8.  I have a minor outbreak of gout about 2 or 3 times a year. Gout is a form
of arthritis that is caused by a build up of uric acid in your system. It usually,
for some reason, affects the big toe of the right foot although it can affect either foot,
the joint that connects your big toe to your foot, your instep, sole of the foot, even
your ankle. For me, I know when it’s gout because the pain moves around in my foot.
It usually means my foot hurts a little for about 5 days. I take Ibupropfen and
it goes away. This past week, I had the worst outbreak of my life. My right foot
was so swollen and painful that the only shoes that I could put on were my bedroom
slippers. It took me about 10 minutes to walk 100 yards and it was exrcutiatingly
painful. If someone had stepped on my foot, you would have seen a grown man crying
from pain. For a person, like myself, that likes to walk 2 – 3 miles per day,it was
debillitating.  I finally called the doctor and he prescribed a week’s worth of
Prednisone, which is a powerful steroid and it is already helping immensely after
2 days. I have a new found respect for people that I see using walkers, or walking
real slow, or walking with a limp,or walking as if they are in pain.  As the old
saying goes, “You never know what battles other people are fighting….so be kind.”

9. On the other side of the fence, I have a sister-in-law who “un-friended” me
on Facebook simply because I accepted a friend request from her half-brother.
We exchanged e-mails on the subject and, although I didn’t really understand,
apparently I had a choice to unfriend either my sister in law or her half-brother.
I guesss I had forgotten that they had a fight over the inheritance after their
parents passed away. In any event, I didn’t take any action and she unfriended me.
It made me say a prayer to God that went like this: “Thank you, God, for all
that you have given me and for always watching over me, my family and my friends.
In the future, if at all possible,  could you please make all of my problems of
the magnitude and minutia of this one which doesn’t even come close to making
the top 100 things that I worry about? Thank you again, Lord.  Amen”

10.  I’m excited and looking forward to seeing Sir Paul McCartney in concert on Sunday,
June 21, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. I have seen him in concert twice
before and I rank them as my first favorite concert and my second most favorite concert.
I will always pay whatever it costs to see a Sir Paul concert. I recommend that you
consider attending, if possible.

11.  In other concert news, I’m going to see John Fogarty on Sunday, June 27, at
the Mann Center in Philadelphia. John was with Credence Clearwater Revival and
their breakup has an interesting fall-out. John can not call himself “John Fogarty
of Credence Clearwater Revival.” The rest of the band remained together ( except one
who passed away and was replaced) and hired a John Fogarty sound-alike as their
leadsinger. I hear that they are great but they are not allowed to call themselves
“Credence Clearwater Revival” so they call themselves “Credence Clearwater Revisited.”
They are both allowed to perform Credence songs.  On the 27th, John is going to do all
of the songs that Credence released in 1969, which was their pinnacle year so I’m
looking forward to that.  I recently saw that “Credence Clearwater Revisited”
will be playing at Dover Downs, which is a casino about 50 miles from my house.
That will be in August so I’m thinking about attending that one, too. Either one,
or both, would be another treat.

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for reading. You are now free to return
to your normally scheduled lives.


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