Greed is Good


Greed is Good.

1. Has anyone noticed how the paper plates stick together to make you use more than one thereby forcing you to buy more sooner rather than later ?

2. Have you noticed that, even though the potato chip bag is the same size and the price is the same, that it used to say 8 ounces and now says 6.5 ounces ?

3. Do you think select-a-size paper towels are a great idea ? How often do you grab two because one isn’t big enough ? Two small paper towels are bigger than one paper towel of the non select-a-size kind. You will need to buy more paper towels sooner than later. (Thanks to my brother for pointing this out to me.)

4. Why do things that you buy on the internet ALWAYS claim that they will give you your money back if you return the object in 30 days….no questions asked? It’s because studies have shown that only 5% of disatisfied customers will go to the trouble of packaging and mailing things back.

5. If companies can offer buy one – get one free sales, doesn’t it really mean that the product is WAY overpriced in the first place? The same is true for 50% off sales. No company anywhere sells anything at a loss unless it is a tiny loss because they need to clear space for new incoming products.

6. I recently visited a gas station where the least expensive brand of gas was in the middle position on the pump – not on the left where it has always been. They were, of course, hoping that people would hit the button on the left like they always do. That one was 18 cents more per gallon than the “regular”, 87 octane gas that was in the middle. It wasn’t really deceit because the prices were plainly marked, but, in my opinion, it was morally deceitful.

7. Does anyone really believe that American companies will not cheat or decieve their customers in any way possible in order to simply improve the current quarter’s fiscal results ?

8. Does anyone really believe that American companies have any value at all for their employees? Does anyone believe that these companies won’t lay off lower level employees in a heartbeat to improve earnings while they still pay huge bonuses to the upper echelon of management ?

9. I almost always record the things I want to watch and fast – forward throught the commercials. If you watch commercials, analyze them. Ask yourself… to what audience are they are aiming this ? What age group are they hoping to influence? Who really needs this product? Is it really new and / or improved ? If so, how ? Are they selling the actual product or are they selling status ? This last question is particularly important for car commercials.

10. Why, on the commercials for Viagara and Cialis, do the announceers RACE through the usual minor side effects and then SLOWLY say that if you have an erection that lasts for hours, you should get yourself to the hospital ? Is it because they care about their potential customers or do they know that their potential customers are drooling at the thought of having an erection at all, much less one that lasts for hours and would pay anything for that ?

10. Why do companies that have a huge surplus of cash buy back their own stock instead of increasing the dividend thereby giving the money to the investors? Although a “buy-back” is supposed to increase the value of the stock by making less shares available, if the holders of the stock decide en masse to sell , that stock is going to drop in value dramatically. A higher dividend would serve to put a higher “floor” on the downside of a stock which would help protect the stockholder’s investment.

11. Why do politicians spend millions of their own dollars and their supporter’s dollars to gain an office that has a salary of only $100,000 ? Do you think corruption has anything to do with it ?

12. If I seem paranoid, maybe it’s because I am. If I seem cynical, it’s because I definitely am. Maybe I have just seen so much deceit and corruption that I have learned to recognize it and not buy into it.

That’s it for now. Please feel free to return to your normally scheduled lives but please give some thought to these questions. Hopefully your eyes will be opened a little. Maybe you can tell me more things of this nature.

As always, thanks for reading.


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