Random Thoughts……….Volume 10


Random Thoughts…..Volume 10.

  1. Has anyone noticed that, no matter what store or service you use, they send you an email and they want you to take a survey ? I swear….I had to call Sears. It took me 15 minutes to get through their defense systems and get a person on the phone. All I did was schedule an appointment for one of their repairmen to come and look at my broken clothes dryer. They sent me an e-mail and they want me to take a 10 minute survey on how they did on my call. My God, am I not busy enough ? If I tell you the truth, it was an awful experience. It was a foreign woman on the phone. She was obviously in a call center since there was a tremendous amount of background noise. I had to ask her to slow down and / or repeat herself 5 times. If they brought the jobs back to America, they could probably quit asking people to take the surveys.
  2. I started listening to Howard Stern when his feed first came to Philadelphia in 1986. Back then, his producer was not yet known as “Baba-Booey.” He was just “Gary.” Sometime around 1989, in a hilarious bit that we don’t need to go into, he became “Baba-Booey” and has been known as such ever since. I stopped listening to Howard years ago when my 40 minute commute became a 5 minute commute and I couldn’t get radio reception inside my office building. I watch golf every Sunday. Even though it’s been going on for 26 years or so, sometime during the golf telecast, one of the golfers will tee off and one of the spectators will yell “BABA – BOOEY.” The longevity and loyalty, and the immaturity, of Howard’s fans amazes me. I guess that’s why I like it so much.
  3. I really have no interest in the National Basketball Association until the playoffs. In a recent playoff game….between two teams that are supposed to be GOOD enough to BE in the playoffs, the Chicago Bulls beat the Milwaukee bucks by a score of 120 – 66. For you folks that are slow in math, that’s a margin of victory of 54 points. It’s an NBA reccord for “worst playoff loss.”
  4. While we are talking about the NBA, another team…Houston, I think, has a rookie whose name I can’t recall. He also set an NBA record by missing his first FIFTEEN free throws. That’s right…..FIFTEEN ! That’s a shot from 15 feet away with no one guarding you. Since you have to be a pretty good shooter to make it to the NBA, that’s a record that could stand for a long, long, time.
  5. While we are on the subject of sports records, I’ll tell you that I just watched the running of the Kentucky Derby. The attendance was a record 170,513. Man, that’s, like, 1/3 the size of Woodstock. In the race was a jockey named Cory Nakatani. Cory had been 0 – 17 in Kentucky Derby races. He is now 0 – 18. That’s also a record for futility by a jockey. Here is an important tip. If you ever own a horse great enough to be in the Kentucky Derby, don’t hire Cory as your jockey.
  6. Different subject. I’m retired and I enjoy retiree medical benefits. This year, my former company made me switch medical coverage companies. They always do this as soon as they realize that I know the rules and how everything works and what is covered and what is not. They sent out a brochure that only a person with a medical degree AND a law degree could understand. They also gave me a one-week window, when they finally gave out the prices, to decide what brand and level of coverage to choose. I took what I could afford. I called their help desk in two different weeks and talked to two different people. I was told the same thing by both. My premium is $290 per month and nothing is covered except preventive care. Now, preventive care means an annual physical exam and the blood testing that goes along with it, EKG, etc. Preventive care also includes a colonoscopy, which is not only a miserable experience but costs a lot , too. Besides those two things, though, nothing is covered at all until I meet my $2500 deductible (besides paying my premiums). Even prescriptions are not covered until I lay out $2500. So, shortly after my new coverage began, I was running low on 2 prescriptions. I had the doctor call in the scripts. I had asked the pharmacy how much they would be….about $65….so I can live with that. I go to pick up the filled prescriptions ready to use my Visa card and the cashier tells me the cost is $7.48. The insurance covered the rest. I’m convinced that nobody, anywhere, in a service business, knows their job. Nobody actually works FOR the company….they work for the company for which the service was outsourced. This is current day America and we all have to learn to deal with it.
  7. The cover photo for this story is a picture of a sculpture of an enema. I found the following words, along with the picture, on Facebook: “Monument to an enema, a 360-kilogram (790 lb) brass syringe bulb held aloft by three angels, at the “Mashuk” spa in the settlement of Inozemtsevo in Russia. It is the only known monument to the enema.” I don’t make this stuff up.

That’s it for now. Please feel free to return to your normally scheduled lives.

Thanks for reading.


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