Random Thoughts….Volume 13


Random Thoughts…..Volume 13.  A short story by me.

1. So I watched the movie “When Harry Met Sally” the other night. I know it’s a chick flick. Billy Crystal looks like he’s about 35, the dialog is crisp through the entire film, Meg Ryan is deliciously beautiful. Her “orgasm” scene in the restaurant is still one of the highlights of all film-making. It’s REALLY director Rob Reiner’s mother who says “I’ll have what she’s having.” It’s a good love story with a happy ending. I like the movie. Bite me.

2. I am a fast food junkie. This is an “I learn…You learn” thought. The Big Three are McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s for fast food. Each of them have a web site on their receipts where you can log on and take a short customer survey. When you complete the McDonalds survey, you get a number to write on the receipt that entitles you to a free quarter pounder with cheese if you buy one. This is good if you are REALLY hungry or are going with someone else. Wendy’s survey gives you a number to write on the receipt which gives you $2 off of a large sandwich or salad. Burger King has the best deal. They give you a number, after the survey, to write on your receipt that entitles you to a free whopper. In all cases you must use the deal in 30 days. The rules say you can only take the survey once per month but you can get around that rule by doing the survey once from your computer and once from your smart phone and once from your friend’s computer and once from your other friend’s computer and on and on. You don’t need to make an account or password….for a nice change. I don’t know about Popeye’s chicken, KFC, or Taco Bell so I guess I’ll have to do some research. It’s hard work but, hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

3. This is another “I learn…You learn” example. JC Penney also has a short survey web site listed on their receipts. If you complete the survey, they email you a coupon that you can use for 10 % off of anything (with some restrictions) for a full day of shopping within the next 2 months or so. This means you could go to the store in the morning, buy a bunch of stuff and get 10% off your bill. You could then go back later the same day and still get 10% off. I’d need a magnifying glass to see the restrictions but I have used this coupon successfully before. Hey, anything that lowers your cost is a good thing. You are only supposed to take the survey once per 30 days but I believe you could get around the rule by using the technique mentioned in thought #2. Again, you don’t need to set up an account and password.

4. Another “I learn….you learn” moment. Walgreen’s has their “Balance Rewards” card. If you don’t have one, you should get one if you ever go to Walgreen’s. If you have one, you can go on their web site and get what they call an FSA report. This report is a listing of all the things you bought at Walgreen’s last year using your “Balance Rewards” card that would be legal to get reimbursed for if you had a Flexible Spending Account. You don’t actually need a FSA, but this report would tell you about all your medical deductions ( at least the one’s you got at Walgreen’s) that you could use as you prepare your income tax return. Rite Aid has their “Wellness” card and I believe you can get the same type of report. For both of these, you have to establish an account on their website with a password. I’m sure CVS has the same deal but I never go there.

5. Everyplace and their Mom’s place wants you to have an account and password. If the tickets to a concert are being handled by Ticketmaster, I’m pretty sure you can’t get tickets unless you have a Ticketmaster account and password. I now have 51 different accounts and passwords of which to keep track.

6. Here’s another one. If you are ever passing a pizza place….one that has tables inside and also sells slices and full pies….and they have pizza pies on display….and it is close to closing time…..and you’d like some pizza cheap, go in and make an offer on something in the display case. I do it from time to time. Last night, I was walking at my mall and the Sbarro had 4 slices of a great-looking Supreme pie (everything you can think of on it). I asked how much they wanted for the 4 slices. They said it was $3.99 per slice, I asked if they would accept $10 for the whole 4 slices. One employee asked the other and the other said $3,99 per slice. So I said to employee #1, “There is hardly anyone here and you are going to throw it away in a few minutes.” He responds “That’s what I was thinking.” So I ask who is the manager and employee #2 disappears into the kitchen and comes back and says “OK. $10 for the whole four slices.” I told them to put it in a box and I would heat it up later. It was fabulous. Try it. It works.

7. I went to see the comedian Craig Ferguson in Philadelphia’s Merriam theater a couple of weeks ago. He was hysterical. Like most of the really good comedians I’ve seen, I can hardly remember anything he said but my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much. He’s going to be at the Merriam again in March, I believe. If you are a fan of Craig’s, I recommend this show. You’d better move fast, though. I think the show is on March 4th.

8. Billy Joel will be at the Phillies Citizen’s Bank Park this summer in August. I searched for two tickets but they were $148 each BEFORE the hated “convenience fees. So I looked for one seat and there was one available for $70 so I got it. I don’t mind going alone. I’m single and I’ve learned that if I want to see something…a movie, show, concert…..it’s ok to go by yourself.

That’s it for now. Please feel free to resume your normally scheduled lives and HEY, Let’s be careful out there. Thanks.


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