Random Thoughts…..Volume 11


Random Thoughts…..Volume 11

1. When you have a bad cold, sipping a little Fireball cinnamon whiskey late at night really warms your chest and makes you feel better.

2.When you feel great, sipping a little Fireball cinnamon whiskey late at night really warms your chest and makes you feel better.

3. When you’ve had a really bad cold for almost two weeks and you start to feel a little bit better, it’s great to feel miserable instead of horrible.

4. I saw a poster of Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, serving fast food at the drive through window. In the poster, Pete asked the customer, “Should I hand it to you or take 5 steps back and throw it to you for no reason?”

5. I have been a Philadelphia 76ers fan forever. There have been many great 76ers, including Julius (Doctor J) Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Charles Barkley, etc. It’s a long list. I think my favorite 76er of all was Bobby Jones. He played on the 1983 world championship team. He always gave 100%, always hustled, always found the open man, was unselfish and played defense like a mad-man. When he was fed a nice pass as he made a shot or layup, he ALWAYS pointed at the guy who gave him the pass as he ran back up court. It’s a “nice play” gesture. He was taught to do that at the University of North Carolina by legendary coach Dean Smith. There have been many, many NBA players that came out of UNC that did that same “nice play” pointing. Coach Smith also taught them that same kind of philosophy in life. Coach Dean Smith passed away yesterday after a long illness. He was pretty old but I don’t know the exact age. Rest in peace, Mr. Smith. You left a positive mark on this world.

6. I live near the city of Wilmington, Delaware. I may have mentioned this before. Wilmington, with a population of about 150,00, is the most violent city of it’s size in the country. It has a nick-name of Murdertown, USA. There were a record 28 homicides last year. If you’d like to keep score, there have been 7 murders already this year. Hey, records are made to be broken. At this rate, this record will be shattered by June. I hope they remember rule number 1. Don’t kill me if I go into the city and certainly don’t kill me outside of the city limits because that won’t count towards the record.

7. Yesterday was the first Sunday without football since back around Labor Day and I am going through withdrawal. Pitchers and catchers will report for Spring training in Florida and Arizona soon and March Madness is coming up, so I should be ok.

8. There is so much terrorism and fighting in the middle east and the Ukraine, and so many terrorist groups, that I can’t keep up. Someone should publish a program like they do at baseball games so I can learn who is who and keep score.

9. We were supposed to get, like, 18 inches of snow about a week ago and we got barely any which is fine by me. The New England area got buried. Here’s a video of a train plowing through the snow. Somebody said it was in New England but it’s also credited to Nebraska from about a year ago. Either way, I’m sure it was what it was like in The North East. Just watch the first minute…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yja2VmZOfdA

10. That’s it for now. Feel free to resume your normally scheduled lives.

11. Thank you.


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