Random Thoughts…..Volume 10


Random Thoughts…..Volume 10,    A short story by me.

1. Why is it that all of the really interesting headlines on Facebook either don’t work when you click on them or have so many ads associated with them that it takes all day to look at them?

2. Why do the ads come on my screen when I have “Allow pop-up ads” set to “No?”

3. I have a major league baseball autographed by Nolan Ryan and you don”t. Nolan pitched 7 no hitters, the most in history. The guy in 2nd place pitched four. Nolan also pitched 12 1-hitters and 18 2-hitters. I got the ball for free. Yay !

4. Bruce Jenner, an incredibly popular and revered American Gold Medal winning Olympian Triathlon  or Decathlon champion and 2nd husband of the mother of the Kardishian girls, is transforming himself into a woman. What ?   Yep….that’s right. Every day is more crazy than yesterday. I wonder what’s next. Here’s the story: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/bruce-jenner-transitioning-woman-report-172422752.html

5. Most of you know that I go to the casino a lot. My favorite game is called “Ultimate Hold ’em.” In this game, you get dealt two cards. It has a side bet that pays 10 – 1 if your two cards are an Ace-Face unsuited (that would be Ace King, Ace Queen, or Ace Jack). It pays 20 – 1 if the cards are of the same suit. A pair of Aces pays 30 – 1. I played yesterday for almost 10 hours without getting even one hand that was Ace-Face. It was very close to 150 hands. Every single person that came in to and left the game during those 10 hours got an Ace-Face. The guy to my left got it twice unsuited and twice suited and he only played about 2 hours. I would have thought that it would be almost statistically impossible to not get an Ace-Face in 150 hands. Anyone know how to figure the odds? Each hand uses a freshly shuffled 52 card deck.

6. As some of you know, I have decided to never buy paper towels, napkins, or toothpicks again in my lifetime. I steal them. Much like George Costanza in Seinfeld knew all of the best restrooms in Manhattan, I know a lot of places. Places that have toothpicks and,instead of taking one, I take about 10. I know a few places that have really quality paper towels that can be used as paper towels or napkins. I’m really ticked off. One of my favorite places to steal paper towels has switched to a much more inferior brand of towel, What is this world coming to when you can’t even steal a decent paper towel ?

7. I watched the Superbowl. It wa a really good game. My snack of choice was jumbo snow crabs with lemon and melted butter. They were delicious. I think New England was given the game rather than won it. After being the benefactor of a miracle catch at the end of the game, Seattle gave it right back by calling the most stupid play I have seen in a long, long time. There is a saying in baseball…”Don’t get beat on your worst pitch.” It means, with the game on the line, and the other team’s best hitter at the plate at the end of the game, and your best relief pitcher is on the mound, and the count is 3 – 2, and your reliever’s best pitch is his fastball, he throw’s his fastball. If the hitter hits it and the other team wins, you tip your cap and say “You were the better team today.” From the 1 or 2 yard line, with the world’s greatest runner in your backfield, and a time out left, Seattle passes the ball into the most crowded part of the field ? They could have run the ball with the best offensive line and best runner in football….and they could have done it twice. The Seahawks did not get beat with their best pitch. I can imagine Donald Trump saying “Whoever called that play, you’re fired.” If I were the owner of the Seahawks, I would have fired the coach that called that play before he got out of the stadium. I would not even have allowed him to board the plane for the flight home. Labor Day is only 7 months away and we can start it all over again. I can’t wait !

8 .It’s Monday night, 2 / 2 at 10 PM and it is 22 degrees with 30 MPH winds. There are 48 days left until Spring. I have a very bad cold. I hope I can make it.


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