Singing in the Rain


I have the world’s greatest life. I’ll tell you why at the end of this story. First, though, I have to tell you the bad news.

I’ve had a bad cold for about 10 days. It forced me to miss my granddaughter Anna’s first birthday party. I’m finally getting better but my energy level is still very low.

While I’ve been sick, my beautiful, 42 inch, high definition tv with the ultimate crystal clear picture stopped working. I love this tv. When you watch golf, you can see the actual blades of grass. It didn’t stop working completely. It works just great for about 15 minutes. It goes haywire after that. I know it is the tv and not the cable box because it does the exact same thing when I watch a DVD. I’m pretty sure that twhen I take it in to be fixed, the diagnostics are going to tell them that there is nothing wrong. By the way, I got the TV about 16 months ago. It had a 1 year warranty. Stay tuned for a 6 month adventure that will culminate in me buying a new television.

The tv reminded me that none of the televisions upstairs work anymore. They used to work fine and there was cable run into every bedroom. The cable ran up through the attic. I now realize that none of the tvs upstairs are getting a signal since the air conditioning guys installed my new central air conditioner about three years ago. They did a lot of work up in the attic. Hmmm.

The tv also reminded me that my icemaker in my fridge stopped working a few months ago because the water line was leaking. When I turned off the water line in the basement, it started leaking there. After a couple hundred dollars were given to the plumber, the water line stopped leaking in the basement but we couldn’t get the fridge out of it’s location because the house settling has locked it into position. That means we couldn’t fix the leak into the fridge. So, now I make ice with ice trays, like they did in the 1700s. Talk about roughing it.

The ice maker reminded me that the de-humidifier in the basement doesn’t work anymore. At least, I think it doesn’t work. It used to run every 30 seconds or so and the compressor was always running whikch wasn’t right. Now, the power is on and it looks just fine but I never hear it run. I don’t know if it is just dry weather or if it is broken. I think it is the latter because when it rains hard or for a long time, as it did last week, water runs over the basement floor and down the drain. This means it’s pretty damp in the basement. I suspect that the de-humidifier should run – at least a little – when it is that damp. It does not….so I think it is broken.

The ice maker reminded me that the dishwasher doesn’t really work anymore. Well, let me qualify that last sentence. It’s a good thing that they call it a dishwasher because the part that does the drying of the dishes has decided it doesn’t want to play anymore. I’m not sure that part is even necessary. If you don’t dry the dishes, I think they get water spots on them. That doesn’t bother me. So I guess that isn’t even a problem.

The dishwasher reminded me of my on-again, off again battle with the IRS over my Mom’s estate taxes. It’s kind of like a sickness. It goes into remission and falls off my radar and then I get a letter from the IRS and it starts up again. It’s going on 4 years now. Part of it is my fault because I didn’t really deal with it when I should have. But, the last time it flared up, the lady that I talked with assured me and my tax preparer that, if we sent in the form, dated the way she wanted it, it would be good and we could proceed toward the end of this war. We did and, as I expected, a few weeks went by and I got a letter from the IRS which should have told me the amount of penalties and interest I owed so I could send in a check and be done. It did not. It contained a letter that the IRS wanted more information. That is now in the hands of my tax preparer. This war will be like the Jews and Muslims….it will never end.

Speaking of letters, I got an e-mail from the hated Comcast cable company that a new user (my ID) was added to the account a couple of weeks ago. I did this because my old user ID wouldn’t work. Their letter said that, if the primary holder of the account (me) did not approve this, the user ID will be deleted on 1/28. I reponded that I WAS the primary account holder and they should tell me what they want me to do. I got an automated response that said that they can not reply….I must go to a web address that they gave me. I cut and pasted the web address and got an error message instead of a web site. I have no more energy at this point so I’ll try Comcast again tomorrow.

The letter from Comcast reminded me of a call that I got from my doctor’s office. I ordered a prescription a couple of weeks ago and they actually did everything right except I got a phone call that the doctor wanted me to come in for a visit. I assume this is because he needs me to have my blood tested every once in awhile and I think he likes to invest a lot so he makes me do office visits and the insurance company pays for them and I pay a co-pay. I have not made the appointment yet because my company is making me switch my coverage to a different plan. I will actually pay a very few less dollars in premiums but my deductibles and annual out of pocket maximums will be way higher.

For some reason…probably the money….the medical stuff reminded me that I backed my car into my garage last night instead of pulling in frontwards like I always do. I smashed my mirror on the garage door. I got an estimate today….$432. This will be paid completely by me since I have a $500 deductible on my insurance policy.

Thinking about my garage reminded me about the other end of my house. My beautiful. custom built, screened in porch. I have not been on the porch in 3 months. That’s because the lock on the door, which has always been difficult, stopped functioning altogether so I can’t get to the porch. I always forget to call a locksmith. I hope he can fix it.

The cherry on top of the Sunday ? I just got a scathing email from one of my best friends for something I don’t even think I did.

I hate being stuck in the house. We are being warned about a major snowstorm that is about to hit our area. The bright side is that the forecast has been changed. What was a forecast for 16 inches of snow in my area has been changed to 6 inches. I’ll still be forced to stay home but not for so long.

I think I’ll use the time to schedule repairmen.

I said at the beginning of this story that I have the world’s greatest life. Here’s why. With all of the complaints just listed, the health of my entire family, including me, is excellent. The things I listed are completely insignificant compared to that. I thank God everyday and just hope that he will continue to let it stay the same.

I have to admit, though, it would be ok with me if he would stop letting stuff break for awhile.


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