Random Thoughts……..Volume 9

3 stooges

Random Thoughts…..Volume 9    ……a short story by me

1. I am not a virgin anymore. I had my first “Fireball.” This is a shot of a brand of Cinnamon whiskey…brand name is Fireball. It’s 66 proof. Most whiskeys are 86 proof or more. I don’t really drink it like a shot. I kind of sip it. It’s very good and it is a nice drink when you are in the mood and have just come in from the cold. After the Fireball warms you up, then you can have a cold beer.

2. I may have said this before. I don’t know which I like more… the smell of bacon cooking or the smell of maple sausage cooking. I do believe, if someone made women’s cologne that smelled like either one, there would be far less single women.

3. In case you missed it….I saw this on Yahoo news a few days into the new year. A woman, in Los Angeles I think, wanted to see her boyfriend and his kids. The boyfriend’s front door was locked so she climbed up on the roof, stripped off all of her clothes, and tried to shimmy her way down the boyfriend’s chimney. She got stuck and the firemen and rescue people had to bust up the guy’s chimney to get her out. She was covered in soot and had moderate injuries. The boyfriend said he had told the girl he didn’t want her around his kids because she had been acting strangely. I don’t make this up. I just report it.

4. Stuart Scott was one of my favorite sports reporters. Stuart worked for ESPN. He had a tremendous sense of humor and also a tremendous sense of dignity. How could I not have known he was sick? How can any one be THAT professional.? Stuart Scott….dead from cancer at age 49. Rest in Peace, Mr. Scott. You will be sorely missed.

5. Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard!!! Picture from the early 1930’s.

3 stooges

6. Wilmington, DE….also known as Murder Town, USA, had it’s first murder on 1/11. I live near Wilmington and , as I’ve mentioned before, it is the most violent city of it’s size in the U. S. We are very proud of that. They’ll need to have one muder about every 12 days if they want to break the record of 28 set last year. C’mon Wilmington, I’m rootin’ for ya. Load up those hand cannons.

7. I just watched the Nightly News. In Philadelpia, a pretty hot, blonde 35 year old female teacher had sex multiple times with one of her 16 year old students. I know it is politically incorrect, but I can’t help wondering WHERE WERE these teachers when I was 16?

8. A couple of things to do just for fun….. If you are in line anywhere, deli, pizza shop, etc., and you are waiting for your number to be called, when they call it, do the Ickey Woods thing like on the commercial. You don’t have to throw anything….just shout “Whooooo” and do a little Ickey shuffle and say “Gonna get me some cold cuts” or sandwich, or whatever you have been waiting for. I’ve done it twice. It’s fun ! If you don’t know what I’m talking abut, watch a sporting event on TV and pay attention to the commercials. You’ll see it. The other thing that is fun to do is at Walgreen’s. They’ve instituted a policy where their cashier, after giving you your change, goods and receipt, will say “Thank you and be well.” So, whenever you see a Walgreen’s employee in the aisles, just say to them “Be well.” They seem to get the joke without being offended. It’s fun. I did it on purpose at the Rite-Aid today and the guy at the cash register said “That’s at the other place.” I said “Oh, yeah. Sorry.” LOL !

9. Last….but not least….My youngest son, Michael, has lost 25 pounds. He really wasn’t obese. He just noticed that he is now in his mid-30s and had gained some pounds. So, like I said he’s lost 25 pounds. So what, right? Well, he’s getting PAID to lose the weight and making good money at it. His friend Jason is doing the same thing. No exercise involved….just eating correctly. I thought about it, but part of the plan is to cut WAY down on beer so I’m out.. If you want to hear more about this, send Mike an e-mail at miketoy8@gmail.com. He’ll be happy to explain it.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy the day !


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