Bad Day


I Had a Real Bad Day…..a short story by me.

So I woke up this past Monday in a great mood. I had one thing to do. Get 5 Christmas cards and the rest of the day is mine !!! I got up early because I figured I’d get the cards and spend the rest of the day at the casino….a great plan. Then, I remembered that my computer was acting up right before I went to bed. So I booted up the old computer and, yep, problems. It wouldn’t take my password. I’m a 35 year computer guy and spent 2 hours trying to fix it and I could not. OK. Unplug everything and take it to Staples and their tech guys. The guy keeps me there for an hour and then tells me they’ve been seeing a lot of this. It’s a particular virus that Norton is not catching. He can fix it for $50 and give it back to me but he can’t guarantee that the same thing won’t happen as soon as I go back on the internet. But, for only $239, he can fix it, install a different anti-virus product, and clean off any viruses and make sure my computer is completely tuned up. Also, they’ll guarantee that there will be no software problems for a year or they’ll fix them for free. I was nodding my head like “Yeah, who didn’t see this coming?” What choice did I have ? OK. Keep the computer and do it…..bastard.

I go and get my 5 Christmas cards….$16, thank you.

I’m starving now so I go to the casino because I can eat there for “free” because I lose so much money there. After lunch, I actually won some money for a change.

While my computer was away, I noticed, on my phone, if I tried to post to Facebook, the phone was acting crazy. For instance, if I tried to type the word “problem” I would type the “P”, then the “R”, then the “O”, but the phone would put the “O” in front of the “R.” It was crazy. It was like the phone had a virus, too.

So, I figured I’d better get home before my car stopped working.

Got home and lighted a scented candle. I just wanted the house to smell nice.

I checked my phone messages when I got home. There was a message from my friend Sue, a New York Giants fan, reminding me that my beloved Eagles had lost again yesterday and were eliminated from the playoffs while her Giants had won. That message was from Sunday. The message behind Sue’s was from the IRS on Monday telling me that they still were not satisfied with the last documents that I had faxed to them. This is an on-going issue that had a beginning but, apparently, has no end until I end. As a matter of fact, it won’t even end there. It will just be someone else’s problem.

I watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, I blew out the candle. Went to the kitchen…got some water…back down to the family room. I had to turn off the light and cross the room in the dark. I knocked something off the table in the dark but didn’t really care what it was because there wasn’t any liquid or anything. In the morning, I found out it was the candle and there was now what had been hot wax on my carpet….a lot of it.

Think Bill Murray in the beginning of the movie “Stripes.” I had a REAL bad day.


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