Random thoughts Volume 7


Random thoughts….volume 7. A short story by me.

1. I’m directing this comment to men. If you impregnate a woman and she has the baby, it is YOUR responsibility to teach that child right from wrong by the time the child is 3 years old. You also need to pay child support. A single woman, even with child support, has almost 0 % chance of raising the child the way it needs to be raised. If you do not do these things, you have no right to call yourself a man, in my humble opinion.

2. I believe my point made in issue number 1 is one of the main reasons we have the terrible crime rate in the United States. Children are not being taught right from wrong. Just because an item is unlocked does not mean you can take it. It does not belong to you. It is WRONG to take things that don’t belong to you. A child’s personality is 95% formed by the time he / she is 5 years old. Teach your children well.

3. Every time I see, in the newspaper, that a person was charged with “possession of a firearm by a person prohibited”, it makes me crazy. I may have made this point before but, if I have, bear with me. I think this charge should be an “un-deal able” charge. No matter how much information you give to the police or the lawyers or how good a deal you get, I think this charge should “stick” and carry a mandatory 3-year sentence. No time off for good behavior……1.095 days in jail. Word would spread quickly and, although it would not solve the problem, I think it would drive the felons who carry guns in my home state of Delaware into Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It would then be up to those states to pass the similar law. We can only save our own city and county. We can’t be everywhere.

4. Records are made to be broken. I like to see new records established. I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. I still live near there. Wilmington is the most violent city of it’s size in the United States. We’re very proud of that. There have been a record-tying 27 murders in the Wilmington, DE city limits this year. That works out to one murder every 13.5 days. Now, I read that in the Wilmington News Journal on 12/7. I don’t know if there have been any murders in Wilmington since then. Let’s assume there have not been any murders since 12/7. Today is 12/17. That makes the over / under date 12/30. Place your bets. I’m taking the under. C’mon people…..load your guns. Take somebody out….make me a winner !!!

5. Before I forget, Jay Cutler, the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, is the highest paid QB in the NFL this year at $22.5 million. He leads the league in turnovers.

6. I’ve been pulled over by the police several times. Each time, I turn my radio off and I keep my hands on the wheel. When the officer asks for my license and registration, I tell him “My license is in my wallet and it is is in my back pocket. I’m going to get it now. Also, my registration is in the glove box, I’ll get it now.” This is code for “Please keep your gun in your holster. It is not needed.” I’d like to advise everyone right here and now to be polite and respectful to the police and I think you will find they will do the same to you.



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