Random Thoughts Volume 4

Bowling pin

Random Thoughts Volume 4….. a short story by me.

1. I’m bowling in a league this year with my 2 sons and a friend named Brian. Among the regular bowlers, I am currently the worst bowler in the league and it is a MIXED league (men and women). It is a handicap league which does not mean that everyone has physical difficulties. It means that, the worse the bowler, the more free pins you are alotted. It is a very good league meaning there are very good bowlers in the league. The team that won the first quarter is made up of 3 women and one man.

Linda…highest game ever – 300, highest series ever ( 3 games) – 824

Sara…highest game ever – 290, highest series ever ( 3 games) – 826

Joe…highest game ever – 300, highest series ever ( 3 games) – 810

Terri…highest game ever – 300, highest series ever ( 3 games) – 836

Like I said, there are some VERY good bowlers in this league.

2. Speaking of bowling, I arrived at the lanes, by co-incidence, at the same time as my teammates last night. We were all busy changing into our bowling shoes when a bowler from another team by the name of Jeff comes up to our table and asks,”How much is your bowling ball worth to you?” We all look at him questioningly. I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about but he asks the same question and I get the idea that he is speaking directly to me. I say, “I don’t know. I use a house ball.” If you’ve ever bowled, you know that a “house ball” means a ball that belongs to the lanes and sits in the racks along with many others. Jeff rolls his eyes, looks at the ceiling, says “Oh, my God. Wait just a minute.” He goes away for 30 seconds and comes back with my house ball which is halfway between powder blue and deep blue in color. I say, “Hey, thanks.” My teammates are laughing their asses off because it is now apparent that Jeff, being the great guy that he is, thought I left my own personal ball at the lanes last week, took it home and made sure he brought it back to me. One of my son’s manages to stop laughing long enough to say, “Jeff are you saying you STOLE a house ball and took it home?” By now, the team we are bowling against has caught on and they are laughing, too. Then, Jeff has to go back to his own team and say what happened so they can all have a great laugh. Pretty soon the whole league knew about it. My teammates are not people who let things go. After we were done bowling, one of them took my ball and placed it stealthily into Jeff’s bowling bag. Jeff is a great bowler and his bag has enough room for 3 bowling balls. Everyone is hoping the he takes it home again. Jeff is a terrific guy and this league is A LOT of fun !

3. When I was 18, I worked in the mailroom at the Dupont Company. There were two older guys there. One of the them was the boss of the mailboys (Jim) and the other one (Fred) was the guy who put the bulk mail on the scale and wrote the amount of postage it needed. I guessed that they were about the same age….somewhere between 98 and 105. We only got paid once per month….on the last day of the month. I was making 10 cents an hour more than minimum wage. I ususally ran out of money around the 10th of each month and existed on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Every payday, Jim would say to Fred , “Huh, payday again already, Fred?” It always made me see red since I was, you know, hungry. Well, just 2 days ago, I checked the mail and my pension stub was in there. I thought to myself “Oh, yeah. Payday again.” If this has never happened to you, it is my second fondest hope for you that it does someday….right behind good health forever.

4. I went to Bally’s in Atlantic City on Friday, 10/24. I spend a lot of time in casinos. Do I consider myself a problem gambler ? No, not yet, but I AM WILLING to learn. In any event, if you lose enough money, they allow you to use a “club room” that they have there. I had never used the one at Bally’s before. You can eat and drink there for free. It’s quiet and has a lot of nice chairs, tables and TVs. It has good food, too, like a couple different kinds of soup, salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, bread and butter, lunchmeats, a carving station, a couple of entrees and vegetables, peel and eat shrimp, a bunch of different deserts, etc. It’s like I said…real nice. The waiter or waitress takes your order for drinks and they bring them to you. Otherwise, you serve yourself and the waiter / waitress just takes away the plates that you use. Like any “all you can eat” place, you are supposed to use a new plate for each trip for food. OK. So I went on 10/24. I told the waiter I wanted two glasses of diet Pepsi and a glass of ice water. This is because I’m going to be there awhile and I don’t want to run the guy back and forth. Just bring these for me and I won’t bother you any more. Take the dirty dishes away if you want. If not, just let ’em pile up. I don’t care. It’s not crowded so I’m at a table for four even though it’s just me. The table is under a light so I can spread out my newspaper and just read and eat until my heart, mind, stomach and everything else is content. I’m done and I leave the guy a $5 tip. This doesn’t seem like much to me but all he really did was make one trip to my table to bring me 2 sodas and a glass of water so I think it’s fair. Also, I have seen elderly couples eat a mountain of food and order, like, 5 drinks and leave $1. I should mention that I did not engage in conversation with the waiter or even make eye contact with him. I mean, i wasn’t rude. I was respectful…”please and thank you” …. but I definitely treated him like I was the customer and he was the waiter. I went again on Friday 10/31. I picked the same table for the same reason….good light to read by. I didn’t see a waiter or waitress anywhere in the vicinity so I thought, “I’ll go get some soup and order drinks when I get back.” As I returned to the table with the soup, a waiter, the same guy as last week, was placing 2 diet sodas and a glass of ice water on my table. He had recognized me from last week. “Wow ! That’s a fantastic memory!” , I told him. He just smiled a “It’s my job” smile and said, “Thank you, sir.” That my friends, is GREAT service! I’ll always try to get the same table and I’ll tip more next time.

5. My friend, Sue, sent me the cartoon below. It’s funny because it nailed me to a “T”. I’m thinking some of you can relate. Enjoy!



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