Random Thoughts…..Fish and Game Department


Random thoughts…..Fish and Game Department

1. Let’s address the picture of the crabs below. I was in the New Castle Farmer’s Market this past Saturday. There is a place called Alex’s Seafood there. Since the market is only open on weekends, I always assume that the seafood on display is the same food that was there last weekend so I’m wary. On this particular day, there were a couple of bushels of live crabs, also. I know my crab sizes and prices and these were excelent size for $25 a dozen. If they will take them directly from the bushel and show me that they put them in the steamer, I might have to give these a try. If I live, I’ll tell you if they were good or not. I guess I’m, basically, your own personal canary about to fly into the coal mine. Stay tuned.


2. Now, turning our attention to the picture of the fish in the same market. Did I think “Wow, those are some big fish” ? No. Did I think “Geez, they can’t sell that many fish in a weekend. What a waste.” ? No. Did I think “No wonder fish is so expensive. They are overfishing and throwing so much away” ? No. I thought “It’s an old Sicilian message. It means Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes.” There’s no doubt about it….I’m telling you….I have some “issues.”

3. In the games department, it’s hard for me to discuss yesterday’s Philadelphia Eagles loss. In a game that I expected them to lose against the 5 – 1 Arizona Cardinals in Arizona, the Eagles turned the ball over as they were about to score touchdowns twice. Even so, they had the lead when they gave up an 80 yard touchdown pass on 3rd down with about 2 minutes left in the game. Did they then lose as I expected? No. They had to give me incredible hope when they had about 3 plays to score from the 20 yard line or thereabouts with 20 seconds left. On the last play of the game they scored a touchdown with no time left but the receiver was out of bounds. Why can’t they just lose with dignity ? Why do they have to give me a heart attack? They wear me out.

4. The World Series is very interesting. I would not say it has been brilliant. There has been some very sloppy defense on both sides, IMHO. I think KC may have blown the series in game 4 when they gave up about 115 runs after they had a 4 – 0 lead. KC can not hit SF’s pitcher named Bumgarner. He has won 2 of the 5 games. KC is down 3 – 2. If they can manage to win game 6 in KC, they might be facing Mr. B. again in game 7. If that happens, though, it will be the first time all year that Mr. B. has started with less than his usual 5 days of rest. Tune in. It’s good.

5. The biggest game of all…..the one with the highest stakes…..is being played next Tuesday. PLEASE VOTE !!!!!!


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