The Sofa


The Sofa. . . . . . a short story by me.

Some people would probably say I should clean more often.

I dropped a small watch battery down between the cushions in my sofa. My
sofa has room for 3 butts. Each side is a recliner but the middle is not. I
raised the leg portion on my side and found the battery. While I was under
there, I noticed that there are some metal runners dividing my side of the
sofa and the middle and it looked like there was a lot of junk in-between
the two runners. I had to use my back scratcher and my hand to scoop out
all of the junk. You might be amused by what I found:

my chap stick which has been missing for about a month
one empty sandwich bag
1 tiny button in a tiny zip-lock bag
1 pad of post-it notes
2 clothes pins
1 golf tee
2 pencils
1 twist tie
11 pens
3 Dipsy Doodles (these are like Fritos)
1 pair of cuticle scizzors
6 & 1/2 peanuts in the shell
7 oyster crackers
1 $2 coin wrapper for nickels
9 pieces of pretzels
3 pennies
1 dime
49 peanuts
2 paper clips
the remote for my DVR – missing 6 months
the remote for my surround-sound – missing for 1 year

I knew I would find those remotes sooner or later !


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