Craps……. a short story by me.

If you play craps, you’ll find some humor here. If you don’t play, here’s the deal: You are not allowed to reach into the dealers “space.”

I spend a good deal of time in casinos…..Delaware Park, in particular. It’s too close to my house. A very high percentage of the dealers know me and I get to take some liberties, say, at the Ultimate Hold ’em table, that other players are not allowed to take. It doesn’t matter what they are, just that I can do it because all of the dealers have caught me being honest and they trust me. In fact, some of the dealers ask me for help when they are having trouble figuring out a Hold ’em hand. If the dealer won and doesn’t know if she should take the players money, I just stare up at the TV. If the player won, I explain to the dealer why the player won. That’s just good etiquette and keeps me from getting the big fist. This is background info.

I was at the crap table on Friday night. It was way loud. I’m not usually there on Friday night but I had stuff to do in the daytime so there I was. I will always, eventually, get to the corner spot at the table. Either corner is ok with me. I just want to be able to lean in and tell the dealer what I want rather than scream it. On this night I’m at the corner nearest the dealer where the high numbers are. I’m there a couple of hours and I’m doing ok. I’m not up or down a lot but it’s a decent game. It’s a little slow because, down at the other end, we have quite a few guys playing $1 hardway bets and $1 center bets.. There is another guy, a big player, playing big money. The big guy is slowing things down, though, because he’s got, like $120 on the six and if he hits, he increases the 6 and 8 but not to something easy like $150. No, he’s gotta go from $120 to $144. So he’s torturing the dealer but it gives me plenty of time to daydream. There’s some action on my side of the table but not that much.

So, someone down the other end is having a pretty decent roll and I’ve got the 6 & 8 for $30 each and the 5 for $25. He rolls another number and I’m waiting for the other end of the table and daydreaming and my dealer kind of turns his head just a little toward me and says, (I think), “Did you want to place the 10, Bob?” I’m not sure I heard him. “Did you want to place the 10?”, he says…..real deadpan. I look and I know that my spot is the top right corner of each box as the dealer looks at them and I see I already have $10 on the 10. I don’t understand for a second and then it slowly dawns on me that I had just reached in and placed $10 right in that corner of the 10 box. I started laughing and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, man.” He says, again dead-pan, “I just wanted to make sure.” I’m still laughing and I say, “I’m still learning, man.” He says, “Ok, but I’ll place the cheques from now on, ok?” We’re both laughing as I say, “OK, if that’s the way you want it.”

I don’t know if you can picture it or if you just had to be there ,but, damn, it was funny !

Enjoy the day !


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