The Curmudgeon – Volume 1

The Curmudgeon, Volume One- a very short story by me. I hope you like it.

I have some pet peeves. I know you’re shocked. One of my pet peeves has to do with the children that the grocery stores employ as cashiers. They talk to each other like you are not even there. I think it’s rude and just plain poor customer service. I have many stories but I’ll tell you what happened last night. As the female child was ringing up my order she yelled to the other cashier, “Mary, you said that rude.”

Mary yells back, “What?”

“You said that rude”

“Rudely”, I said.

” What?”

“Rude — ly”

She looked at me as if I smelled like a landfill. I don’t think she liked the fact that I corrected her language. She finished ringing me up and bagging the order and handed me the receipt and said “Here ya go. Have a nice night.”

“You’re welcome”, said I.



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