Life’s Been Good


I Can’t complain But Sometimes I Still Do….. a long short story by me.

In the immortal words of Joe Walsh, “Life’s been good to me so far.” I GET that. I TOTALLY get that. It’s very difficult for me to find anything serious to complain about. That’s when I’m healthy. When I have a cold, flu, sinus infection, chest infection, allergies or whatever you want to call it, my energy level goes way down. I seriously can be laying in bed upstairs and not care if I’m being robbed downstairs as long as they don’t kill me. In fact, if I’m sick enough, I don’t even care if they do kill me.

I think that I find it cathartic to write about some of the minor daily annoyances that are not a big deal and are actually pretty funny when I feel good. I do not find them funny, at all, when I am sick. I think I should write about today’s events (Thursday). It might help me to not grab a stranger by the back of the hair and repeatedly smash their face into a brick wall until the blood spurts from their nose and mouth and their teeth go flying in different direct…..uh, wait a minute. I seem to have gone away for awhile. Let’s start at the beginning.

Last Thursday night, I noticed that I was taking my last Vytorin pill that I take daily for cholesterol. Now, granted, I could have paid more attention and tried to order a refill before I ran out. On the other hand, with all of their automated systems, do you think my prescription company could have sent me a note that my prescription was about to expire ? They are very good about letting me know if the bill isn’t paid. So, I log into their web site to discover that the last day to order Vytorin was yesterday (last Wednesday). Prescription is expired. OK, I wasn’t sick yet, so I pushed the button that says request a new prescription from your doctor. I entered the pertinent information and got a confirming e-mail that they had faxed the request to the doctor. I’m pretty sure the doctor’s office doesn’t read them unti the end of the day which would have been on Friday. I didn’t see any action on this request and, God forbid, anybody should do anything on a weekend. We’ll get back to this.

I had a mini-vacation planned and scheduled in Atlantic City this past Monday – Wednesday. Many of you know that gambling is one of my favorite vice…um, hobbies. So, I while I was looking forward to going, I did notice I had a bit of a cough and a low-level headache on Sunday night. Sometimes this turns into something and sometimes it just goes away. So I took off for AC on Monday afternoon and coughed almost constantly all the way on the drive. It was a very dry , hacking, cough which hurt my chest very much and now the headache was definitely mid level. When I got to AC, I got some Robitussin and cough drops. This is what the doctor suggested the last time I had these symptoms. To save a little time, let’s just say I got worse on Tuesday and probably had a fever judging by the ten or so 15-minute naps I took on Tuesday. By now, my choice of beverages had pretty much changed from Coors Lite to Robitussin. I was pretty much “out of it” on Tuesday. I also couldn’t get warm. I set the thermostat in the room to 84 and still felt chiilly. We’ll get back to this, too.

One thing I like to do in Atlantic City is walk. The buildings are very large and you can walk all the way from the north end of the Showboat (2 floors) through the Taj Mahal (2 floors) to the south end of Resorts International (2 floors). This is a haul and I like to walk somewhere between 3 and 6 miles a day. On this trip I could not walk very far without resting because I was weak and getting weaker. Another thing I like to do is play the piano down there. I know where there is a room in the Taj Mahal that has 3 Yamaha Baby Grand pianos. The doors to the room are usually closed and sometimes the lights are out, but, if the doors aren’t locked, I go in and turn on the lights. Even if the doors are locked there’s a back entrance for employee s only that I use. Rules are for other people. Nobody has ever bothered me. In fact, a security guard walked through one day and didn’t give me a second glance. I take some of my music books with me so I can practice. If I remember, I’ll attach a photo of the piano I like to this e-mail. Walking and practicing piano are nice diversions and usually cheaper than playing at the tables. On Tuesday night, however, I noticed that two of my favorite music books were missing. I THINK what happened is, due to my overwhelming “need” to photograph anything even remotely interesting, I put my books down to take a picture. Since I can’t hold a thought for more that 14.6 seconds, I was pleased with the photo and walked off without the books. Of course, I checked on Wednesday with security and “Lost & Found”. No go.

OK, jumping ahead, I felt very slightly better on Wednesday and left AC around 2:30 and headed for Harrah’s in Chester. They have 10x comps on Wednesday. So I played there for a couple of hours and then stopped at Delaware Park. I didn’t really want to….I just like the idea of playing at 3 different casinos in 3 different states on the same day.. Still could not get warm, btw. It was 36 degrees with a gentle 30 mph breeze on Wednesday. Finally got home and remembered that I had turned my heat down to 60 since I would be away. I sat in front of the space heater and pretty much just shivered and stared at the TV until it was time to sleep.

OK. Back to the Vytorin we go. This morning, I checked and nothing had been done to fill my Vytorin prescription. I call the doctor’s office at 12:55 and the voice recording said that they were closed for lunch until 1PM. OK. I called back at 1:05. After 10 rings no one answered the phone, no person, no voice mail. nothing. So I went and did something for a few minutes and called back again at 1:15. Another 10 rings… answer. So, I logged onto to see if I could find the books I wanted to purchase. I found one of them and put it in my cart, but I couldn’t find the other one. OK. I decide to buy the one book and spend some time later in the evening trying to find the other. I placed the book in my “cart” and tried to sign in. The computer went into spinning circle mode and then said “Page cannot be found.” I know what this means. I need to unplug the router and the cable modem, wait awhile, and plug it back in. However, I’m starting to be under the gun because I’m supposed to be at the hospital to play piano at 2:30. I re-booted the computer, too, but that didn’t work and I decided to DRIVE to the doctor’s office.

When I got there and it was my turn, I put my head into the glass window and asked quietly if I could speak to the office manager. “I’m sorry, sir. She’s out of town for the week.” “Does that explain why no one is answering the phones?” The shows me a phone with a bunch of flashing lights and says “Sir, we are very busy and, as you can see the phones are ringing.” Flashing on Seinfeld, and please remember that I’m sick as a dog, I say, “Well, I can see the phones are ringing, but that’s really the EASY part. It’s ANSWERING the phones that is difficult and that’s really the MOST IMPORTANT part….the answering.” She looked at me like “One more word and I’ll slam this window if your face. “All right”, I say. “in any event, I’m here and the reason I’m here is my insurance company faxed you about a request for a prescription and they have left me two telephone messages that you have not responded.” The young lady looks in the computer and says “I don’t see anything in here.” I say, “This is the second time I’ve gone through this with you guys. The last time I had to call and invite you to look at the stack of faxes on your fax machine. They found it and responded the last time.” The young lady says, “Well, I don’t see anything but I can order it for you now. Would that be ok ?” “Certainly.” and then she says, I swear to God, “Why didn’t you just call us and ask us to order it?” With every fiber in my being, I resisted to urge to respond “Because you don’t answer the FREAKING phone !!!!!”

So, bottom line…..what I got accomplished today was to get my Vytorin ordered and I couldn’t get it done with a phone, or a computer or anything electronic.

I’m really hoping to feel better tomorrow. I HAVE to.



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