Good Dog, Good Dog


Good Dog, Good Dog…..a short story by me.

I never met a hot dog that I didn’t like.

Let me say right here that, if you are one of those skinny, healthy people that wouldn’t eat a hot dog on a bet, you can and should delete this note now. In the same vein, if you like ketchup on your hot dogs, you should stop reading this note, delete it, and get moving to your therapist appointment. If you are normal, though, then read on.

My favorite toppings on a hot dog are cheese and raw onions. The cheese is needed because there just is not enough fat in a hot dog. I also like them with Guldens spicy mustard and raw onions or just the Guldens. If you are the fancy type, Grey Poupon is also good. My favorite brands are Hebrew National and Nathan’s but you have to get these on sale. Deerhead Hot Dogs in Delaware uses Hadfield brand dogs which are very good. I read somewhere that a high percentage of New York street vendors use the Sabrett brand. I’ve had them and they are good, too. Like I said, there aren’t many that I don’t like.

By the way, chili and sauerkraut are “out of scope” for this discussion.

Now comes the mystery. Why do hot dogs always taste so damn good at the ballpark? Even hot dogs you get at little league games are great. The New York City vendor dogs are terrific, also.

I think I have it figured out and I’m going to share it with you, you lucky devil.

In most ballparks and in NYC, the dogs are just sitting in relatively hot water. The secret is that the rolls are in a steamer. I followed the procedure below in front of the Phillies game on TV last night and it was amazing.

Here ya go:

Get your favorite brand of dogs. (on sale if possible, of course)

Put as many as you are going to eat in a pot of water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water starts to boil, turn it down to medium low. It should be just hot enough so that there is some steam coming off the water but not hot enough to be a rolling boil. Let the dogs sit like that for 10 minutes or so.

Prepare your toppings….dice up some onion, get the cheese out, hot dog rolls, mustard, etc. Any brand of hot dog rolls will do, by the way. This is true even if they are slightly past their “best by” date. Rule of thumb….if there is no green, it’s fine.

When you are ready to eat, put one roll in the microwave on high for eight seconds. Remove from microwave and place on a piece of aluminum foil. Put your toppings on the roll….cheese, onions, mustard…..whatever. Take one dog out of the water and place on the roll and wrap it in the aluminum foil for 30 to 60 seconds.

Unwrap and enjoy.

Repeat anywhere from 2 – 10 times.

Now, you may be wondering, with some validity, “Why is this nut sending me this stuff?” The answer is simple. I believe in an “I learn, you learn” philosophy. Having, unlikely, attained 60 years of age, I think it would be a shame, if I got hit by a bus or something, that I should take all of this valuable information to the grave.

If you do try this hot dog recipe, by the way, I’d appreciate any feedback.

This has been another public service announcement from Bob. You’re welcome.





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