Random thoughts…….volume 2

Random thoughts. . . . . . Volume 2.

If you are not interested in my random thoughts, just skip this now. Believe me, there is nothing earth shattering or even important in here so I wouldn’t blame you. If you are curious, though, read on but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

#1. If you buy a stock and, after 1 month, it has fallen by 50 % you are down, of course, 50%. If it goes up 50% the next month, you are still down 25%. I understand it, of course, but it still makes my head hurt a little.

#2. Right now, Facebook is filled with hundreds, maybe thousands, of videos of people dumping cold water on themselves and then donating money to help cure ALS. I don’t get it. What is the point of dumping the water on one’s self ? In almost every video I’ve seen, people put ice in the water at the last second and dump the water on themselves. If I got challenged to do this, I assure you that I wouldn’t do it. If I were FORCED to do it. I’d fill a bucket with nice, warm water, dump some ice in at the last moment and then douse myself with warm water. How about just taking a “selfie” picture of your head and shoulders in the shower, post it on Facebook, and then send a check to the ALS charity ? This is reminding me of other stupid things like “streaking” in the 70s or the “pet rock” craze of the same era. Please don’t get me wrong. I urge everyone, if you have the means, to donate to whatever effort will help cure or prevent the disease that has most rocked you or your family. I just don’t understand the water bit.

#3. There is a backlash developing by some people who are upset about the amount of water that we are wasting by dumping it on ourselves. I know there are water shortages in many parts of the world but please consider this fact. Even if 10 million people dumped a cooler full of water on themselves, it would be like trying to fill up the grand canyon by one person peeing in it. The percentages are the same. C’mon, folks, give it a rest.

#4. I went to the Phillies game this past Tuesday at Citizens Bank ParkPizza. They don’t have metal detectors but they “search” you as you enter the stadium. It’s not a “police search”, mind you, it’s just a “pat down.” When it was my turn to be “searched” by the woman who was just about my age, I said, “Please be gentle. It’s been awhile.” She patted me down very gently and I said, “Hey, that was nice. Would you like to do it again?” She did not seem to be amused.

#5. I am a self-proclaimed expert on junk food. I eat like a trash compactor. If I am taken out early because of my diet, I will be smiling. I have not met many pizzas that I don’t like. I recommend DiGiorno Supreme for frozen pizza. “It’s not take out. It’s Digiorno” is the slogan on their commercial and it’s very close to being true. $5 is the best price when it’s on sale. When I go to Atlantic city, which I do occasionally, I like to stop at a place on the Boardwalk called Irene’s. When you order 1 slice of pizza, they warn you that the price is $5.75. Many people are shocked at this but the slices are so large that I always tell them to slice it down the middle after they heat it up so it’s really 2 slices and it’s REALLY good. The picture here is a large pepperoni so you can see the size of the slices. They have a pizza on their menu, though, that they call a “XXXL”. It’s $31.00 for a plain pizza. I saw a woman picking one up. I wish I could have gotten a picture. I asked the guy working behind the counter and he said the pizza box is 30″ by 30″ and the pizza has a diameter of 27 inches. The guy had instructed the woman to make sure she kept her hand under the center of the box because the weight of the pizza would cause the box to cave in. I’m sure it’s a great deal for people who are staying at the beach with their extended family like kids, grandkids, cousins, etc.


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