Phillies Game


So I went to the Phillies game last night. I didn’t know it when I got my ticket a few weeks ago, but it was “Ryan Howard Bobble Figurine Night.” They used to call them “Bobble Head Dolls.” I don’t know why they changed because the only part of the “figurine” that moves is the head. I didn’t really want one but I took it just because I’ll take pretty much anything that’s free. Ask around. Anyway, the picture is the Ryan doll and it’s still in the plastic. I’m going to leave it in the original container because, if he ever gets good again, which I strongly doubt, it might be worth a few dollars. In the meantime, I had a thought. If I did take the doll out of it’s container and asked it if it wanted to make $25,000,000 per year to hit .220, I’m betting that the head would “bobble” up and down in a “yes” motion.

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